SEO Notes For Your Next Blog Post

If you want to be more pro-active in your approach to SEO, here’s a list I’ve put together that hopefully will help you (and me!) to think through points that impact performance of a piece of content online.

  • Add keyword to headline
  • Remember that words that appear in graphics DO NOT COUNT
  • Use Sub-headings to break up the copy and introduce new ideas
  • Use active voice (only 10% passive)
  • Keep good length of sentences and paragraphs, none are too long or short
  • Have a Primary Category
  • Have multiple relevant Tags
  • Sponsors are identified and labeled correctly
  • Excerpt of post written
  • Focus key phrase identified
  • 2-3 Outbound links
  • 2-3 Internal links
  • Written meta description about 150 characters
  • Article is minimum 300 words
  • Image alt attributes are done
  • SEO title
  • Mobile looks good
  • Readability of copy: not too difficult to read, uses transition words
  • Content Type Identified: Cornerstone content is most important and extensive articles vs. news or pieces that expire

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