When Clubhouse Town Hall Went Techno

Co-creation is the name of the game these days.

Creators know that to compete for attention, they can’t do it alone. 

A few days back I had heard Faizan and Affan in a room on Clubhouse with a Malcolm Gladwell speech remixed to techno. This felt comparative to the Alan Watts lectures I listen to mixed with deep house. There’s something about the juxtaposition that works to keep my attention and makes the words just hit different. 

Every weekend Clubhouse does a Town Hall on the app to update users on what’s going on and what’s new.

Product Town Halls have never really captivated my attention. They tend to feel self-congratulatory and repetitive. At most they play as background noise for me. 

Enter: Town Hall, But Make It Techno

During the Clubhouse Town Hall today, Faizan opened up a room in their new club IMPROMPTU.

He was streaming the audio of Clubhouse Co-Founder Paul Davidson speaking live at Town Hall and remixing it with techno. The room quickly filled. The audience was packed with people (like myself) who wanted to get their Clubhouse product news this way.

At peak, the room reached 1,000 people. The room even got the attention of Paul who mentioned the remix room – that then got remixed – it was all very meta. 

Remixing content into a new format is a huge opportunity on Clubhouse.

Co-creation can take many different forms and this is one that has definitely got my attention. The experimentation and pushing of boundaries is what is keeping me on the Clubhouse app. 

Oh, and Clubhouse is now on Android.

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