When to ask for help

When it comes to your own personal brand, your business, your website – I think DIY is over rated.

People tend to think DIY is cost-effective when it comes to personal branding and websites but in my 13 years of experience it is not.

Unless, of course, you value your time as zero.

Personal brand, personal business, personal website – it’s taking you too long because it’s PERSONAL.

Think of how long it takes you to clean out or organize something in your own home. You pick up each item and over think it. Most people do. Projects end up half done.

Now think of hiring a professional to come in, they clean out that spot in an hour. They fix up that area in a day. Because for them, the goal is to get it done.

Progress over perfection mentality is hard to implement when it’s your own personal stuff. Your personal brand, your business, your website. Because it’s yours and you want it to be perfect.

If it’s yours and you are DIY-ing, there’s no one to tell you that you look fine in that headshot. That your blog posts are good. That’s ok to send out an email to get people to buy your book. If you DIY, you will find reasons to NOT do something instead of pushing forward.

Unless your business is actually in marketing, you are likely spending too much of your time that should be focused on your business into answering questions like should I use WordPress or Wix.

When it comes to your own personal brand, your business, your website – DIY is over rated. Just because you CAN do something yourself doesn’t mean you should.

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