The summer of 2019, Shannon and I were having daily discussions about work. We were also attending events and part of many different online groups where women were asking us questions and wanted to know about how to grow their careers are independent contractors or freelancers. It was enough for us to think that this should be a public conversation that all could learn from (including us!).

We made the commitment to lead a weekly chat for women to discuss work topics, share ideas and get advice. We put #WOMENXWORK in the calendar (scheduled weekly at 8:30PM EST from that day to forever).

Once we started, we realized we could do more. We started to build up a vision that was to have an inclusive global space for working women – starting with those in freelance who need the most support. We see #WOMENXWORK as a truly inclusive space that goes beyond freelance to eventually support all women in business through a multimedia digitally-led business group, that is community first and driven by the collective. 

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