Your 2020 content strategy meeting

I’ll save everyone some time.

Here’s your 2020 content strategy meeting:

“ This year our brand is all about transparency.
Owning it.
Whatever “it” means to our customer.

We’re about real-time content.
Being relevant and talking to our customer in their own language.
Less formal articles, more bite-size pieces in more places.
Mobile is going to be more important than ever.

That means we need…

  • a podcast
  • YouTube channel
  • tik tok
  • Instagram stories
  • a bot
  • mobile app

… and that’s just the beginning.

Customers need a personalized experience from our brand.

We need to use our big data for segmentation.

We need diversity, we need inclusion, we need women at the table.

Data will help us understand who they are, where they are and what they want.

We aren’t selling {a product or service}.

We are selling stories.

They need to match the core values and we need to get back to the root of what we do and why we do it. “

** looks over at the intermediate marketing manager who currently writes a blog once a week and periodically updates the Facebook page as a bead of sweat drips from their face **

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